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Friday, February 11, 2005

and another thing  

why do TV programmes invite you to "Click on our website at..."? Is "visit" considered too sedate for the modern whizzery of the intermaweb or summat?

posted by bandhag | 2/11/2005 06:48:00 PM

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Things that make me go Grrrrr  

Reading in Time Out that the Government is attempting to pass a bill to prevent permanent daytime demonstrations and the use of megaphones for protesting in Parliament Square and in a 1km zone around the Square, including Downing Street and Trafalgar Square.

Long story short: there's a guy there all the time protesting against the war in Iraq and the Government are so shit-scared of anyone remembering the fact that despite having 'won' the war to 'liberate' Iraq, soldiers and civilians are still being killed every day, that they're trying to pass a bill to get rid of him.

One of the justifications? "It's a security problem because terrorists can hide behind his placards"...

Terrorists. Hiding behind placards.

It's likely, isn't it?

Write to your MP. Not even because you agree with the bloke, if you don't, but because you actually give a shit about people having the right to disagree with the Government.

Oh, and click on that 'Make Poverty History' link I put up there, won't you?

peace, love, etc.


posted by bandhag | 2/10/2005 11:41:00 AM

Things that make me go GAH (Part II)  

Valentine's Day. Not for all the normal "Blah blah, it's just a way for card companies to make money, blah blah, shouldn't need a mark on the calendar to tell someone you care, blah blah, nobody loves me" stuff, but because it's a fucking nuisance. Viz:

1. I cannot open a magazine without someone telling me what I should be buying, wearing, eating, or sucking in order to Make Someone's Valentine's Day. Especially not since most of it is SHIT (though I did see a red letter day idea for a weekend in a teepee that I'm saving in the brain bank for when I do get to do overblown romantic gestures at someone).

2. I will spend from now until after The Day wondering whether or not I should send any Valentine's things. And then I will not. And then I will wonder whether if I had...blah blah blah, etc. This is just an extension of the general, overgrown 14-year old "Oh, woe is me, what shall I do?" nonsense of my life and I do not like the fact that it now has a precise time feature built into it.

3. I feel under house arrest on the day itself. I have lots of things I want/need to do next week, and people I want/need to see. And it's not like Monday would be any more useful a day to do these things than any other, it's just that I feel like I can't go out on Valentine's Day, because the people I like to go out with are either
(a) in couples and therefore, y'know, kinda understandably likely to be doing their own Valentine thing;
(b) not in couples and therefore, y'know, kinda understandably unlikely to be wanting to go out and watch couples doing their own Valentine thing; or
(c) both (b) and male, so that the perception will be that we are a couple doing our own Valentine thing.

It's awkward. I'm all for those who want to go full on with the whole romance of Valentine's Days, but the rules should be changed so that they always fall on a Sunday, so as not to infringe upon my (and other singles, obv) social life.

posted by bandhag | 2/10/2005 11:26:00 AM

Things that make me go GAH (part I)  

The "Misplaced etcetera announcer" at Bank station, who repeatedly asks us to "Ensure all your bags belongings are with you etc" for security's sake. Make sure our bags and belongings are with us "etc"? What is the etc our bags and belongings could possibly be doing as well as being with us? Dancing a fucking fandango?

Bandhag: proudly promoting grammar fascism since 1970-something. No, wait, 1980-something.

ah, fuck it. I'm old. At least I can talk proper.

posted by bandhag | 2/10/2005 11:23:00 AM

Things that make me go hmm  

Leaving my house for work at about 11:30 at night and seeing a man, completely naked, walk round the corner of our block. I don't live near a bustling nightlife-type area, and he wasn't walking in a manner that suggested either embarrassment or extreme drunkenness, so what was going on there is anyone's guess.

Nice arse, though.

posted by bandhag | 2/10/2005 10:55:00 AM
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